OMT's "Tabacaria" (cafe theatre)
OMT's "Tabacaria" (cafe theatre)

The Oficina Municipal de Teatro (OMT) consists of two stages - Sala Grande (Main stage) seating 160 and Tabacaria (a cafe theatre) seating 70 - a Multipurpose Room (Antecâmara) - a rehearsal room - a workshop – a props/costume room - and two offices. The space was ceded to the company by the Municipal Council of Coimbra and O Teatrão has been responsible for its administration and programing since 2008. In the last few years O Teatrão has turned OMT into a space with regular programing not only with its own productions but with productions from other theatre artists as well as music, dance and the activities in art education.


From September 2008 to the present day, O Teatrão has opened and run twenty-nine of its own shows, has received one hundred and seventy-five other shows in the areas of theatre, dance and music, and has produced and promoted countless activities directed towards the community of which include the Forum Teatrão, the debate sessions “Espetacular e real: a arte entre a espada e a parede” (Spectacular and real, art between a rock and a hard place), Condominium Vale das Flores (a workshop with the surrounding communities), Holiday Workshops, Leituras Atravessadas (a cycle of readings of plays), A Tribuna de Rua (inspired by Speakers Corner), and various other workshops given by guest artists as in the case of Devising Within a Democracy, given by Rachel Chavkin, artistic director of the New York company THE TEAM. This intense activity made it so that the members of our company could gain considerable experience in connecting with the community, with substantial success in the areas of education, production, and cultural programing.


Rua Pedro Nunes

3030-199 Coimbra - Portugal

40º 11' N / 8º 24' W


Telef: +(351) 239 714 013



Telef: +(351) 239 714 013

Telm: +(351) 912 511 302



Levantamento de bilhetes:

Dias úteis: 10h-13h e 14h30-19h e uma hora antes do espetáculo.

Não se efetuam reservas no próprio dia do espetáculo;

As reservas têm que ser levantadas até ao dia útil anterior ao espetáculo;



A Oficina Municipal do Teatro, propriedade da Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, é gerida e programada pel’O Teatrão desde 2008.


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