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With the training of most of the members of O Teatrão being in Theatre and Education, the work done on stage is seen as Intervention Projects and the artist is seen as a pedagogue. Theatre, above all questions of aesthetic, is a form of language, of communication, of contact and an exchange of ideas. It is the search for questions and a special place where we can think about the different facets of our existence and the world which surrounds us. Theatre and art in general should intervene in society, creating active citizens, who are capable of questioning the world around them and taking up an active role in it.


Artistic Intervention Projects

Every show produced, has as a base, an underlying discussion directed towards something that concerns and moves us as citizens and artists. The Arts Education Project was founded on this base, as is everything the company does. It allows us to reflect upon and develop the work, creating bridges between all of the company’s activity as well as emphasizing the educational component with artistic experiences.


O Teatrão has developed an Arts Education Project directly related with the creation of artistic productions, which include: the theatre classes; the project Bando à Parte: Youth Cultures, Art and Social Inclusion; an extension of the project PANOS - Palcos Novos Palavras Novas; as well as workshops in theatre and dance directed towards children, young adults and their families. This Arts Education Project equally involves different elements of the communities within the city and the development of projects with local amateur theatre groups as well as artists, both national and international, whose work includes or is directed towards education and the community.


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Telef: +(351) 239 714 013

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